Coronavirus (COVID19) Safety Measures and Precautions

At Bello Medical Aesthetics we have a commitment to ensuring the safety of our patients during the ongoing pandemic. We are rigorously following updates and recommendations from all local, and federal, health agencies regarding proper prevention best practices. Here are some of the things we are doing to help stop the spread:

Limiting Patient Appointments and Capacity

To minimize the risk of contracting or spreading COVID we limit our patients to one appointment at a time. Because we are a small boutique style medical clinic we are able to minimize the number of people in our office to well below social distancing guidelines. This allows us to focus all of our attention on you!

Mandatory Mask Policy

We have a mandatory mask policy for all patients and staff. Patients undergoing non lip/mouth related treatments MUST wear a mask for the duration of their time in the office. 

Patients doing lip filler injections will be asked to remove their mask before starting the procedure to sanitize and numb the injection area.

Dr. Rey N. Bello uses protective equipment such as N95 face mask and plastic face shields to limit exposure to and from patients.  

Temperature Checks and Hand Sanitizer

All incoming patients and staff are temperature checked upon entering the office. Hand sanitizer and medical grade antibacterial hand wash soap are made readily available for use by both patients and staff. 

Touchless Payment Options

To limit contact between patient and staff we have installed touchless payment options that are compatible with common bluetooth and NFC touchless payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, etc. 

Facility cleaning and sanitizing

We thoroughly sanitize all floors and surfaces at the beginning and end of the day. We sanitize all commonly touched surfaces and equipment/treatment tables between every patient hour using medical grade cleaning products.

Additional Air Filter Units

We have added two commercial grade HEPA air filters with UV light in the lobby and treatment room to assist in purifying the air and supplement our building’s air filtration system. 

Mindful and Proactive Prevention

Bello Medical Aesthetics is committed to ensuring the safety of our patients and staff during these uncertain times. Please see for more information and resources regarding COVID-19 safety and information. By working together we can stop the spread and protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community!

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