Botox for Chronic Migraine Headaches in Knoxville

Dr. Rey N. Bello has been injecting Botox to treat Chronic Migraine Headaches, Focal Spasticity, Strabismus and Blepharospasm associated with dystonia since the 1990’s. He is a certified Therapeutic Botox Specialist for Allergan Pharmaceuticals.  

Learn more how we can treat you Chronic Migraine headaches at little to no cost to you.

What are Chronic Migraine Headaches?

The criteria for the classification of Chronic Migraine Headaches are defined as headaches that occur in adult patients at least 15 day per month, with at least 8 of those days associated with migraines and lasting at least 4 hours long per day.
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It is reported that over 3.3 Million Americans suffer from Chronic Migraine headaches but only 25% are officially diagnosed with the condition.

How is Botox used to Treat Chronic Migraine Headaches?

Botox is the first FDA approved (since 2010) preventative treatment for Chronic Migraine Headaches. 

A qualified and experienced Medical Botox Specialist will inject various points around the face, scalp and neck where Migraine Headaches may start to affect you. 

Clinical studies show using preventative Botox can reduce 8-9 Headache/Migraine probable days a month.

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Because Chronic Migraine Headaches can be so severe and debilitating, regular scheduled preventative Treatment is recommended.

How often should Botox be used to prevent Chronic Migraine Headaches?

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A preventative treatment schedule would consist of regular Botox Injections from a Qualified Botox Specialist every 12 weeks.

Each treatment can take as little as 15 Minutes. 

Initially, 2 Treatments – spaced 12 weeks apart, are used to evaluate the effectiveness of Botox for each patient.

After the first two treatments, you and your Botox specialist can discuss further treatment.

How much does Botox for Chronic Migraine Headache Treatment Cost?

By taking advantage of Allergan’s Botox Savings Program, you may pay as little as $0 for preventative Botox treatments. 

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NOTE: At this time Dr. Bello only treats patients with Private Insurance with Out of Network Coverage. Please contact our office to see if you qualify for treatment.

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